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CaixaForum Barcelona text transcription:

"Look... Discover... Feel... Understand... Experience... CaixaForum, Social and Cultural Centre of the "la Caixa" Welfare Projects The Modernist architecture of Puig i Cadafalch, and the avant-garde of Arata Isozaki. Past and present. CaixaForum Barcelona is a centre for experiencing art, conversing with culture and sharing social projects. Other cultures Objects of worship, symbols, old writings... the traces of history through art... Sculpture. Sculpted feelings, reality shaped for creating, explaining, dreaming... Architecture The aesthetics of functionality. The beauty of the object, the harmony of the context... A museum that was a textile factory... The dream of a founder... the magic of an architect. the magic of an architect. A movement that changed a city. A building as a work of art. The setting of summer nights, multidisciplinary art in the Modernist streets of CaixaForum. Photography Capturing reality. Showing beauty. Extolling the sublime nature of forms. Time standing still... The art of photography. Create and have fun with the family and first friends. Discover how art excites. Painting Technique, composition, innovation, genius... Painting throughout history... Painters from all over the world. Concerts, dance, recitals. The dialogue of culture. Making aware and cooperating. Establishing a constant social commitment through art. A stable programme of contemporary art for emerging artists. Audiovisual art Opportunities for the latest tendencies. Experiment. Learn creating, and show... windows opening to the future. Plastic arts, multimedia and music within the reach of all. A documentation space at the service of research and knowledge. CaixaForum Barcelona. To see art, think about it, feel it ..."