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Histories with soul

integration into work

We support those companies that make a social turn

Integration into Work. In 2006 we set up INCORPORA, a programme whose aim is to build bridges between companies and social entities working on the placement in jobs of members of groups at risk of social marginalisation.

Poverty and Social Exclusion

For a better future and present for the youngest amongst us

Poverty and Social Exclusion. We contribute to improving the social and economic situation of families with children aged 0 to 16, trying to stop the circle of poverty being passed on from one generation to another.

Older People

A life with greater autonomy

Older People. Through several initiatives, we promote a healthy and active old age and we encourage the autonomy of elderly people.

Young People

Let's talk about drugs, to be more critical and responsible

Young People. We provide all the information on the consequences of drug taking, both for our health and for the rest of society.


In favour of the sea

Environment. A scientific boat, navigating along Spain's coast and carries out conservational and research work into the biodiversity of the seas and oceans.


Let nothing make them lose their smiles

Health. Sick children entertain themselves in the Hospital CiberCaixa installed in over 70 hospitals throughout Spain; and the negative effects of being in hospital are palliated.


"la Caixa" Prize in Social Sciences

"la Caixa" Prize in Social Sciences. The aim of the "la Caixa" Prize in Social Sciences is to advance analysis and debate on the transformations that contemporary society faces.

The persistence of geometry (Opens in a new window)

The persistence of geometry

It presents a selection of works drawn from the collections of MACBA and "la Caixa" Foundation that reflect the recurring presence of geometry in contemporary sculpture, from the 1960s to the present day.