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We bring art, music, theatre and the humanities closer to every public.

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Everyone should be able to access culture and be given the chance to discover different artistic movements and currents of thought. At "la Caixa" Foundation we run a wide range of activities aimed at bringing art, music, theatre and humanities to all types of public, with a special emphasis on school and family activities.

Art on the street

Art with no set time schedules. Works to admire both by day and by night while going to work, leaving school, taking a walk, and going shopping, etc. All intended to create a more direct and enriching connection with the public. This is a definition of Arte en la Calle (Art on the Street), in which work by famous artists is exhibited in Spain's principal cities. This original initiative features the involvement and support of the city councils, which allow the use of their most symbolic spaces for the exhibition of sculpture.

Bringing knowledge together

Advancing and understanding the evolution of our world requires knowledge of all currents of thought. We therefore organise debates and colloquia intended to compare and bring together traditionally separate subjects of study or analysis. Philosophy, economics, literature, the performing arts, film and poetry come together for the purposes of exploring the essentials of our culture and disseminating the latest trends in knowledge.

Exhibitions travelling to their public

To extend the culture available in cities and bring everybody into contact with history, art or photography, we run informative travelling exhibitions throughout Spain. These displays are accompanied by complementary activities for families and schools.

CaixaForum, a cultural space open to all

From its centres in Barcelona, Palma, Tarragona, Lleida and Madrid, CaixaForum has been designed as a space for dissemination and debate on culture and its many manifestations. It offers a miscellaneous range of subjects that covers all periods, from the initial manifestations of art to the most innovative and recent avant-garde, and feature the greatest ever exponents of art and culture. CaixaForum also periodically runs cycles of conferences, seminars, courses, concerts, performances and special events that help to prompt reflection on this changing world and better understanding both of our society and that of other cultures. Activities are designed for all audiences and entrance is free, bringing art and culture to a wider audience.

  • CaixaForum Barcelona Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8
  • Caixaforum Madrid Paseo del Prado, 36
  • CaixaForum Palma Plaza de Weyler, 3
  • CaixaForum Tarragona C. de Cristòfor Colom, 2
  • CaixaForum Lleida Av. de Blondel, 3
  • CaixaForum Girona C. dels Ciutadans, 19
  • CaixaForum Sevilla Center under construction
  • CaixaForum Zaragoza Av. Anselmo Clavé, 4

Raising the curtain at school

Through CaixaEscena we offer teachers of secondary education centres who are considering drama as an activity for young people materials and advice on performing arts. This initiative is intended to encourage creativity, knowledge and commitment within the educational community and meanwhile foster the values of theatre, particularly expression and coexistence, among young people.

Music, beyond the senses

Attending a concert can be much more than a gift for the ears. It can be a way to learn about other cultures and feelings or to discover new creations or ancient compositions.
At "la Caixa" Foundation we promote a host of musical styles, ranging from the most innovative, to music from different parts of the world and classical music.
We organise participatory concerts such as The Messiah, courses, seminars, performances and concerts for families and schools, etc.